Friday, January 25, 2008

Got Him!! And other news...

Yesiree we got that little mouse last night. YeeHaw! Sam captured him with the trash can and I helped. Then Sam hurried out back in the cold and tossed him. It was quite comical. We listened for the mouse during the night and since he is still alive we'll just have to see how long before he finds his way back in. For now though the house is peaceful.

In other news...

Our DVD which is built into the TV is broken. Ugh. Reminder to self, don't buy a built in DVD. We have to watch movies on the computer for now.

We've been watching the temperatures and it is as we suspected, 10-15 degrees cooler here than it was in Georgia. That's the winter. The summer looks like it's about as hot.

TGIF. It was a long work week trying to get over this bronchitis. I'm looking forward to rest, rest and rest. Tomorrow is the democratic primary here, who cares?
Plenty of time for sleep and it is expected to be cloudy and cool all day. Good sleeping weather.

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