Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crawling out of a hole

Monday I felt so bad at work that I went to Urgent Care and they had to give me a breathing treatment and a cortisone shot. Finally diagnosed properly, I was feeling better emotionally. I didn't feel too bad that night but I couldn't sleep because of the cortisone and had a headache, mostly what felt like pressure all night.

Tuesday during the day at work my head still hurt and my sinuses began to swell, then my face got real red and hot. After several phone calls and hours waiting for call backs the doctor said I was having an allergic reaction, to what he never said (I assume the breathing treatment), but my instructions were to get home and start on Benadryl. It worked but I again didn't get much sleep.

Benadryl makes some folks sleepy, apparently not me. At least that seems to be over with, now if I could just cough and clear up my lungs. Time will tell.

No red burning face but my feet are hot. LOL. I think my nerves are getting the better of me.

Fortunately Sam's cold was a passing thing. Praise God.

In other news, our unwanted house guest, Mr. Field Mouse refuses to enter the traps. He remains elusive. We can hear him at night but can't catch him!

We watched an old movie tonight, Jack Benny and Robert Stack. Comedy set in Poland during WWII about a troupe of actors who get caught up trying to get out of Poland by acting as Germans. It was pretty cute. Nothing like the old movies. Pure entertainment.

The locals tell us this weather we've been having is typical for winters here. Not so great. It fluctuates too much. Gets down to 17 and up to 45 then down to 34 and up to 53 then back down to 17 and only up to 39. I thought we were in the SOUTH! Give me back Georgia's weather. Oh well, we have to go where the work is.

Poor Sam, keeps thinking he's in North Carolina I've moved him around so much the past couple of years.

This job will hold us though, we'll be okay and should be able to work here until 2010 at least.

Lord only knows where I'll go when this project is over. Hopefully now that the company has been bought out by a bigger corporation I will have more choices. I hope we never have to go up North! Then I really will complain about the weather.

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