Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work, work and more work with a little bit of fun.

Wow. We haven't posted since this past winter. I guess we've just been consumed with going to work, coming home tired and doing it all over again. The heat and humidity this year has been horrible.

Truly not a lot going on. We did have company for a day and a half, Jackie stopped on her way home with a Jared, a friend of hers. It was a nice visit but too short.

The politics of the day have also taken our time as we are continually frustrated with the current administrations attempts to ruin this once great nation of ours.

We can see November from here though and hope and pray for a defeat of the democrats.

If we don't win in November the new taxes will be very destructive. The house in Georgia has not sold yet, of course the housing market has been totally destroy by obama so we have no expectation of selling it soon.

We have managed some range time now and then but we are trying to reduce expenses so it has been limited. The picture is of one fun event with some friends of ours as Sam and Rob laugh about destroying a metal target Rob's dad just bought and brought to the range. lol.

That's my update, not much but we will try to pay more attention and get something up monthly in the future.

Hugs and love to family and friends.