Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad News Good News

Bad news first.

Turns out Snippy has bronchitis, took a second doctor (Actually a Nurse Practitioner) to figure that out. Needless to say Snippy is looking for a new doctor.

Our heat exchanger started making noises last Friday. The guy who came to look at it determined that the compressor is bad.

Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential Race and broke my heart.

Now the Good news.

I have a wife who loves me very much and whom I love very much in return, it feels great! Sometimes the second time around is better.

We're gonna get an entirely new heat exchanger at no cost. It'll take a couple of days but "free" works for me.

With Fred out of the race, I can ignore this entire political season. Time to catch up on my movies and reading.

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