Sunday, January 20, 2008

Country Music and Getting Well

I didn't make it to work. Managed to get into the doctor, what a fiasco. All I know for sure is I don't have pneumonia. Other than that, she was no help so I just came back home and have been resting, drinking tea and more rest. Today I feel much better, thank goodness because I absolutely have to return to work before they give up on me. I think it is a bout of bronchitis without the cough. I hope so.

Sam thought he may be getting a cold, I pray not. He feels a little better this evening. We both need some time to be well.

Country music. I think this is consistently the best music to make you laugh and put you in a good mood. Sam is playing the video "How do you like me now" by Toby Keith on his computer several times a day. LOL. My Christmas presents from him were all three of Josh Turner's Cd's and Dwight Yoakum greatest hits. What a difference in the work day when I can listen to a few good country songs while working on excel spreadsheets!

We like country music best because it tells the truth. All that life is, the good, the bad, and the humor of it all.

Of course we still like the old music, the music our parents listened to. That never goes out of style. I just can't imagine folks 50 years from now opining about the old days of rap music. Of course we try and forget the days of disco!

Winter here has been 10 -15 degrees cooler than Georgia and we don't really care for it. Yes, it's better than up North but darn it we are in the South after all. Brrrr.

It's been getting down in the teens and lower 20's and 40-50 during the day. Too cold for me.

Scarlett turned 2 this past Thursday, Sarge will be three on Independence Day. Sarge still acts like a pup.

Life is good, especially since I'm feeling the best today than I have in the past 12 days. We plan to take a stab at quitting smoking soon. Our insurance is willing to pay for it. We have to fill out some paperwork to get them to pay for it and then we think we have to coordinate with our doctor (I need to find a new one) on what plan we are going to follow, patches, pills, who knows but we at least want to make the effort.

Prayers for successful attempts will be appreciated.

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