Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throw Away The Scabbard - A must read for alternate history and Civil War fans

THROW AWAY THE SCABBARD - click on the picture to buy it.

What if Stonewall Jackson had survived Chancellorsville?

In this alternate history, Jackson survives Chancellorsville. With Jackson leading his Second Corps in an invasion of the North, the war shifts from the Virginia wilderness to the Pennsylvania countryside. After the Army of Northern Virginia wins a stunning victory on the banks of the Susquehanna, General Ulysses S. Grant comes east to drive the Confederates from northern soil. But when Grant fails to dislodge Lee's army, President Abraham Lincoln risks all in a desperate attempt to win the war and restore the Union.

Throw Away the Scabbard is the first book of a trilogy that provides the exciting answer to the Civil War's most enduring question: What if Stonewall Jackson had survived Chancellorsville?

This is a wonderful book, the characters come alive and we hated to put it down. We are anxiously awaiting the second book in this trilogy.

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