Sunday, January 25, 2009

Foxhole January 09 Update

It's been colder this year than last. Quite a string of below freezing nights than we are used to. We even had school closing and delays last week because we had 1/2 inch of snow and the temps below freezing.

The birds have been going through 50 lbs. of seed a week. We have huge flocks of goldfinches down from the north, the front and backyard feeders and the ground are full of them. The blue jays are back at the feeders as well as our feathered friends that never leave, the nuthatches, chickadees, red bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, etc.

We had some bad news with a bright side. Sam's son was hurt while playing soccer and will have to have some facial surgery next week, we are thankful to God that he wasn't hurt worse and we pray for a quick recovery.

We received mail from a friend of ours from New York, a wonderful poet who we think dearly of. It's been a cold winter up her way. Getting hand written letters is such a rarity in today's Internet world, it was a nice surprise and we wrote back, yes, in paper and ink, by hand. It is too bad that form of communication is nearly lost.

As always during these winter months we are anxious for spring. After all, we live in the South and expect to be warm!

We are avoiding most political news, only keeping an eye on what is going on without dwelling on it, we are conservatives in exile.

We did do one fun thing a couple weeks ago, we went to a local gun show and boy was it packed. That was a fun outing. We spent more than we should but we will sacrifice elsewhere to stay on our budget. Suffice it to say, Sam is a happy camper.

Hugs to all.

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