Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Ahead!

This weekend we spring ahead and sure enough real spring weather will be close behind the forwarding of the clocks. Spring begins on March 20th and down here in the South I expect it to arrive on time.

Flowers are something we are lacking here at the Foxhole. We really haven't had time to plant and aren't really sure of the seasonal shifts yet. Already we have been surprise at the cooler temperatures here and the duration of this "Southern" winter season. Since we arrived in the fall to sweltering temperatures and humidity it will take a year before we've been through all the seasons.

The first thing we'd like to do once we can afford it is get some kind of lawn going in the backyard. We are thinking the least expensive way to do it is have it sprayed on. We could buy a few wire fence posts, some wire and cordon off an area with a path for the dogs to get to the woods and keep them from trampling the grass as it grows. Once the grass has taken hold we can remove the fencing and buy a few squares of sod to cover the path made for the dogs. We really need to do it so we can curb the sand traffic that comes in this house.

So here comes spring, we'll lose an hour of sleep but gain some sunshine at the end of the day which will be enjoyed.

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