Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raining like Hail!

We were hunkered down in the only interior room we have, the laundry room. We knew a tornado was down and headed our way and Praise God it passed by us. We had lots of hail and for a few minutes I thought the garage door was going to come off but we had no damage and only quarter size hail and lots of rain.

Sam said it best while looking at the back yard, "It looks like the tide came in" and of course went back out and took our sand out to the woods with it. It was neat to see the fog rise from the warm ground with the ice on it.

We got one more heavy rain after that and it's now calm. The backyard is flooded in little pools and the storm washed some sand away from the side fence that Sam will have to work on tomorrow when we get some daylight.

The dogs didn't like being in the laundry room but we only had to be in there about 15 minutes.

All clear and tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny.

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