Friday, February 22, 2008

Our battle about the Battle of Aiken

The Battle of Aiken, SC

The day will start out with drizzle after two days of steady rain. The ground will be wet and muddy. The rain ends in the morning with drizzle over around 9 a.m.

We are in the height of flu season here and I am on my second round of antibiotics for bronchitis which won't help at all with the flu. Yes, it's been about 6 weeks since it came on.

We are wondering if it's a good idea to be around a crowd of 17 thousand people or not. Sam started having doubts a couple days ago and then I began to wonder if we should go. Nearly everyone has been sick at the office and we have about 100 people there, it just keeps making the rounds.

Spring and warmer weather can't come soon enough. We are having highs in the 50s-70s and lows from freezing to 40. The drastic daily change isn't helping. The warmest weather lasts an hour in late afternoon. We have 30 degree flucuations during the day and then right back down by nightfall. And nightfall is still early.

We shouldn't complain. Ma called last week and the weather in Chicago is horrible, so bad Pa hasn't been able to go out. Pa misses church and they were going to go last Sunday, the best day in the forecast. It's too bad they can't fly, we keep telling them they need to come down here for awhile but Pa doesn't want to be so far away from his doctor. I hope we can get up there this summer or fall.

Back to the Battle of Aiken, though we really want to go, we are thinking maybe we should wait until next year. If we go we'll post about it, if not, y'all will have to wait til next year or read about it on their web page which I've linked at the start of this post.

We will be able to report on the new bed tomorrow. Tonight will be our first night trying it out. It sure looks big enough for us and the dogs, let's hope so or we're going to have to kick them out so we can start getting a good night's sleep.

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