Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Life Is Good

Sleep is good and we are getting a little bit more of it now. The new bed is comfortable immediately and we can all fit in it! I'm typically a flip-flopper but not anymore. This bed is so comfortable I pretty much stay in one spot and both of us are not waking up as often during the night as we did in the older bed.

The older mattress is only 4 years old and it's a good Sealy but it is just too firm for us. This is much better and will have been worth the expense in the long run. A good night's sleep is very important especially when you are older.

We decided not to go to Aiken for the reenactment, it ended up being damp most of the day and with the flu in high season it was probably best.

Work is good and interesting. It is nice to not dread going into the office everyday for a change. I'm starting to feel a little better on my second round of antibiotics so I've started exercising a little in the evening. I put on too much weight the last year and really must get it off. After enough weight loss I'll start thinking about quitting smoking. I really need to do that. Sam is thinking of it also. We really must mentally commit ourselves to make it work.

We have a couple cold evenings to get through yet, we'll have frozen bird baths the next couple of mornings. Soon warmer days should arrive. The guard at work is a local and he says it can still be cold the first couple weeks of March but we should get warmer after that. I am looking forward to it. We miss being able to sit on the back porch in the early mornings and late evenings. We're also looking forward to longer days.

Next up, tax time..Ugh.

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