Thursday, April 3, 2008

Warmer Weather and Longer Days

Hurrah for Springtime. It's no longer dark at dinner time and it's been warm enough to enjoy time out on the back porch some mornings and some evenings. Soon it will be nice enough every morning and evening.

Sarge is back to normal though the vet does not know what was causing his problems. If it flares up again we will have to have x-rays taken of his teeth and jaws.

We nearly got run off the freeway the other day. A woman in an SUV bigger than ours was right beside us and decided to change lanes. This is at about 80 mph. Sam saw it and warned me (I was driving at the time) and I did my best (Thank you Jesus) to not over correct. She never even noticed us. Thankfully the car behind me saw it and slowed down so as I pressed my brakes and moved to the edge the guy behind me didn't hit us. All was well and I of course, being of Irish temperament, sped up, drove up beside her and promptly gave her "what for"!

The driver's down here are truly horrible. All the newcomers to the Project here remark on it no matter what State they are coming here from. You must always drive defensive and expect the worst.

The pollen these past couple of weeks has been very heavy. Everything is covered in green pollen. I'll need to hose off the porches and everything on them this weekend or next. It's good to see all the colorful trees blooming and leaves arriving on the oaks so I guess it's worth the mess it brings. We don't have any colorful plants or trees on our property and Sam and I would both love to plant some. We do have some fragrant white flowers blooming on our plants out front. Our trees are oak and pine but before we can spend any money on trees we really need to plant some grass. First things first.

Life is good and we continue to be blessed. Love, it's a beautiful thing! We hope this finds all readers well and happy in their lives, too.

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